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Parametric Facade- Invincible Construction Upgradation For Better Performance of a Building

Employed for various reasons, from delivering optimum light and views to make sure comfortable amounts of solar heat comes into a building. Parametric facade design and the materials used in its final appearance can be easily united to the effect of aesthetic competence, eco-friendly soundness and effortlessness of construction. The parametric facades are the building facades lying at the exterior and interior environments’ intersections, creating an integral part of a building’s aesthetics and performance.

What is a Parametric Facade in Dubai?

A parametric facade is a part of building skin consisting of the vertical part, and horizontal is roof components that protect any construction from direct external environment and help sustain comfortable interiors and deliver the perfect structure and stability to the building. When made as a parametric facade in Dubai, building skins are vital components to resolve issues of responsive architecture. They are a medium through which acumen can be divulged to a building system to retort to an environmental impetus. Thus the significant characteristic of an effective and intelligent building skin, the parametric facade is its ability to modify energy flows through the construction envelope by regulation, heightening, reduction, dismissal or frame-up.

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Parametric Facade Materials

Solid aluminium is one of the trusted material commonly used for parametric facades. The reasons are as obvious. The versatility of aluminium, economical factor and fire compliant properties make it a clear choice for defensible Parametric Facade Design, creating long-term value for the building. This is the material the designers are also successfully using as a material for ventilated facades. They are making it appealing by creating patterns in perforations which gives it a new dimension. The designing is aesthetic, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

Other Varieties of Material Used:

Apart from aluminium, stainless steel, copper, zinc, or any other malleable metal, creates value by being almost everlasting. Any of these metals are workable and can be compared to the stone architecture of the previous centuries in terms of designing and aesthetics.

Usefulness of Metals in Parametric Façade Designs in Dubai:

From offering optimal light and observations to ensuring comfortable amounts of solar heat intake, Parametric Façade Design with malleable and ductile metals utilized in its final expression easily combine to the effect of aesthetic efficiency, environmental soundness and ease of construction.

Why is Solid Aluminium Better For Parametric Façade Design Than ACP?

ACP is undoubtedly known for its versatility. But the plastic content in it poses a risk factor and so a replacement occurs. Solid aluminium sheets started filling the space. Although solid aluminium sheets have been in usage since the time ACP entered. But due to the material’s high cost, it was not a preferred choice. However, it has now become a preferred choice, the right material because it has a 100% end of life value.

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How do Architects Make Parametric
Facade in Dubai?

While a diversity of practices active in architecture today claims a parametric basis, the fundamental notion of this ever more prevalent working method is deep-rooted in computer algorithms’ use to create design solutions that would otherwise take long to solve with the human brain. By setting up complex parameters (like daylighting levels and airflow volumes) that can easily be exhibited with various software, designers can essentially outsource the type of fine-level detail wrangling used to outline the profession and let a device think of them.

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Parameter Involved in Parametric
Facade Designs in Dubai

A building skin is designed using several parameters such as

  • environmental conditions,
  • structural feasibility, and
  • materiality, among others;
  • All of which can be quantified as data.

As a large amount of data is involved there, the computation turns out to be a decisive part of dealing with parametric design’s complex subtleties. Computation can be carried out through non-digital & digital procedures associated together, and the methods used can be about complex and simple problem-solving.

These parameters are

  • Structural load calculations,
  • material behaviour calculations,
  • Fabrication data extraction, etc.

An algorithmic process of planning a building skin or a parametric facade system can help control all the parameters and independent data embedded in design and flexibility to use this data to create a smarter approach.

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How to Select The Best Parametric Facade
Designs in Dubai?

Parametric Facade in Dubai as an envelope regulates visual identity, character and expression of any architecture. As the external environment changes all the time, buildings need to adapt to it innovatively, and facades designs need to be selected according to the climatic condition. These facades play an essential role in every country. Selection needs to be made concerning ecological factors like heat, light & wind. How these factors affect a building’s performance largely depends on the parametric facade design & architecture of Dubai.

Irrespective of how the parametric facades are designed, they are meant to serve a purpose. So explain your architect adequately about your specifications.


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