Corten Steel Sculpture

Corten Steel Sculpture

How Corten sculpture India is leading the architecture industry?

Corten steel is an elegant looking metal that comes with amazing features such as atmospheric corrosion resistance. It has successfully overcome rust and corrosion when exposed to air and water that most metals other than gold and silver cannot do very well. It began to be marketed and used to make corten steel outdoor sculpture many years ago as an essential part of the interior and patios décor due to being atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel.

How corten steel is produced for corten sculpture India?

Corten has got its properties from a meticulous manipulation of the alloying elements mixed with the steels during the manufacturing process. All steel produced from iron ore as opposed to scrapping comes into being when the iron smelted in blast furnaces is reduced in a converter. The carbon content is dropped down, and the resulting iron is less brittle known as steel. Corten will have an extended capacity of loading than before and is the long-lasting quality in corten sculpture India.

Corten sculpture India

The mechanism of corrosion resistance in corten steel sculpture India

When corten steel is exposed without painting to the atmosphere, it will start to rust in the same way as ordinary steel. Though, the alloying elements in corten then cause a shielding surface layer of fine-textured rust to form. This reaction instantly suppresses the corrosion rate. This protective layer is self-replenishing and needs no further external treatment making a corten sculpture India superb product.

Using this excellent property, manufactures of corten steel sculpture are using corten without painting. Thereby abolishing the commonly held belief that steel must be used with paint.

Applications of Corten steel

Since its developments in 1933, corten has been used in every field where steel is applied including bridges, railway vehicle, buildings and more. There are some of the famous manufactures of corten steel in India who have been extremely successful in fulfilling the demand for corten steel outdoor sculptures and garden as well.

Other applications include:

Artistically pleasing to the eyes, the finish and look of corten steel has become popular with many high profile architects. Hence they prefer using it for making corten sculpture India. They also use it in a variety of applications in including building fascias, garden sculptures and bridges.

Facias for modern buildings including many art and technology museums

  • Steel railway vehicles
  • Street sculpture
  • Modern bridges
  • Garden features
  • art pieces
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Corten Steel Garden Sculpture

How is corten effective as corten steel garden sculpture?

Using the special trait of corten steel that is weather-resistance, a corten steel sculpture can be placed outdoors. A corten steel garden sculpture in your courtyard can transform the whole look and feel of your outdoor entertaining area. It brings a rustic feel along with chic ambience to your garden.

For getting high quality and amazingly designed corten steel sculpture, search online. There are suppliers and manufactures of corten steel sculpture India who offer a variety of corten steel sculptures on sale and rental as well.

Choose a corten steel sculpture India from the assorted range online by selecting the right size corten steel sculpture as per your requirements that you wish to place in your home or commercial property.


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